United States V.S Ancient Ghana : The Ballad of a Kaleidoscope

United States V.S Ancient Ghana

by Daniel Vliet on 06/19/13

When culture develops their always is a need to trade for different thing. one can not grow or make. Sometimes this simply is trading for one item, for a different one. Often times buying something is called wheeling and dealing. If a store makes you haggle for a price this is known has the barter system. It is believed the United States would have had to have limited money, when the colonies where established. Since British money was in short supply. How do the needs of certain cultures perpetuate them along their path of existence? How does the historical United States compare to the primitive cultures of Africa.

 The continent of Africa has within it, the city of Ghana. The city of Ghana has a lot of gold surrounding its history. One could do a compare and contrast between the gold in Ghana in 300-1000 A.D to the gold that was found in California, during the California Gold Rush in 1849.Ghana should have had the imagery of a place where streets were paved with gold rather the United States of the early 20th Century. Since Ghana even had gold silverware and statues. Ancient Ghana still had its dependence on other parts of world; Ghana desired salt which it could not produce. The United States a seemingly wealthy society depend on oil, produce and workers to maintain its economy. The difference between the United States of the 21st Century and Ancient Ghana is Ghana did not have the means to make its own salt. The United States has the farm land and workers. The United States has the means to no longer need oil. So is their dumbning effect because of sloth or original sin. Did Ancient Ghana need salt; has much as the average modern American needs gas for his or her car?

 In conclusion Ancient Ghana was making wiser choices, because its dependence on salt was justified for spiritual growth, which would lead to better mental heath. The salt was not just used for flavor food it was used to preserve food. Salt was used in ritual bathing and general purification and household cleaning. The many uses of salt versus the limited uses of oil, still puts Ancient Ghana ahead in the priorities department. The United States needs to use the formula used in Ancient Ghana, for its current endeavors. Does this business transaction promote the wealth and heath and well being of my community or does it hurt my community in some shape or form. Ancient Ghana grew up, where they good stewards, they gold in the 21st is not has much part of Ghana culture as it once. The United States has time to turn the page and learn not only from its past, but many other societies past, so it will not become history like Ancient Ghana



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