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Queen Victoria's Christmas gift "Chocolates"

by Daniel Vliet on 06/20/13

Queen Victoria's Christmas gift


During the Second Boer War from 1899-1902, the Queen of England who was Queen Victoria. She prepared gifts for the British Armed Forces for one Christmas during this war. The gift was a chocolate tin, filled with CadBury Chocolates. The tins were made in a big size and a little size. The tins had a golden colored rim and were red and blue. The lid had on it Queen Victoria’s head and her insignia and a message that said “I wish you a Happy New Year”. The tin was signed Victoria. The tin was later used to carry personnel artifacts, which were personnel to the British troops. Some tins were so special that some chocolates were uneaten. The makers of the chocolate were “Barclay and Fry” and also Barringer, Wallis and Manners and Rowntree and Hudson Scott. The Queen spent 3587.50 in British pounds this is 6,500 in American money. The time and money was well spent since the British won the war.

 Huxtins/London .Queen Victoria's Boer War Christmas gift tins complete set c1900.http://www.huxtins.com/tins/h2303_tin.shtml.2008.

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