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Just War ( Pigs in a Blanket) (Manifest Destiny)

by Daniel Vliet on 06/19/13

 An old story isn’t as big of a problem as the age old battle, of the big guys and the little guys. The world view of the characters in The Modern Day Three Little Pigs could be seen in many ways, one way is a simple life of harmony with nature is the best and right way to be, in the pig’s world. The villain, who was a wolf with big guns and dental picks in his mouth, was really a capitalist dog. The little pigs in the end where just as bad as the wolf in the story, do to their socially economic issues; they had to construct their shack out of discarded courtroom materials in a manner that would surely fail every safety code inspections. While reading the story there was not a real proof of land ownership, the pig clearly just homesteaded and developed were they please. If a public archives existed, a deed or mortgage would probably not be awarded by the wolf either.


One thing the wolf should have done was to make his condominiums happen was he should’ve asked pigs if they needed a job. This would show a heart of gold by not blowing their house in. The pigs could have helped the community by building a big school or cleaning the pools. The pigs could be given homes, kept clean for the common good of the community these pigs could have been the spiritual leaders of the utopian society promoting good in prosperity where ever they went more diplomacy such as treaties should’ve been done between these two animal species they should’ve been able to coexist.


The Wolf could have become vegetarians, like in the Disney movie Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”, this was illustrated when the great white shark named Bruce, spearheaded a support group. Other humanitarian efforts such as food drives could have made the world a better place.


In history more diplomacy was needed just as in the Civil War, in the United States. The Americans should fight pollution not each other. The Beatles were a 1960s rock ‘n roll group, many made opinions, rather then listening to what the Beatles had to say, like give peace a chance. Politician need to give peace a chance, it is not the American dream, to do anything different.


Can we not place on a global scale the pigs story, are we not all minutes away from becoming homeless by big brother. The divine creator with certain care has given all the ability to pursue happiness; war should make us sick, this stage in the game. “Just war” did apply to the pigs, the pigs bad breath was a form of a bombardment. Like American and other countries have before the pigs took up arms in hopes to get rid of their attacker.


Other stories, like the “Lord Of The Ring Series” , had the one Ring to rule them all, should we, are we not has gentle as a hobbits, we must control our urges to use the ring, if we fail, we will lose our souls. Failings at trying, busting a gut to end a war, with a simply spell like the one Ring, one great missile, will could take over and rule West Bank of our time.


The pig story shows a community that joins together so they can get any common enemy out we can defend ourselves. The pigs did a great job forming a brigade, one thing for sure they only mean business. The pigs know how, will only work against the simple bad Wolf oppressor. The final climax of the story is the wolf died; the story said it was due to diet the wolf could have been also due to the search of greed, and his love of money. The wolf manifest destiny was unclear. A community of pigs was not the United Nations. Why was an Army not sent to help the Wolf? The pigs were still childlike in their ways, the one thing the wolf must of felt was shame before he died, beaten by pigs. The author of this essay probably thought the Wolf should have been out hunting caribou. The author tries to illustrate how power changes us, the story is example of violence and it is an inability to never solve anything. Just like the old Beatles song “Give Peace a Chance”. Gentleness is hopefully the wave of the future.


The Classic Three Little Pig Story has been modernized to have the pigs being thrown off their land by the wolf instead of eaten. The Wolf wanted to build condo. This story was found on an internet site that was called: www. humorhubcom, not able to find

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