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History of The Great War, or World War One, told by someone who is thirty something.

by Daniel Vliet on 06/20/13

"I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things."


Emma Goldman


"A great moral victory for Vienna, but with it, every reason for war disappears."


The Kaiser on the ø Serbian reply to the ultimatum


The First World War was a extremely large scale war, fought on the largest scale .A small town person as a hard time imagining a world beyond the local ice cream establishment, much less what happens in France or Germany. The Great War was a surreal event the came to the listeners of radio, much like a movie or a ball game. Time spent in front of a grand wooden family radio was well spent. Humanity most sees all war as the big one, for one life is the greatest lost. This war was one of the first ones that have airplane use, since the Wright Brothers invented the first working aircraft. Firearms were able to shoot much better since the last war. Civilizations had more choice, the choice to not say yes to life came an option to females. Letter writing was not the only way to communicate the telegraph was an invention the made passing of information much easier. The leadership of the early part of twentieth century was much different then the twenty-first. Monarchies today are figureheads. The world has been come very much democratic, much like the early idea of the founding father of the United States. The Czars of Russia was not bad people.1 Kaiser Wilhelm only wished a happier way of life for the people of Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm said of the Czar Nicholas II of Russia he is "only fit to live in a country house and grow turnips”.2 The Czar Nicholas II of Russia thought of himself as a military man when war broke his wife Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna took over running the country in addition to an advisor Rasputin. Czar Nicholas II lacked the political and other skills needed to carry a country threw wartime. He was known has a very religious man, he was killed and so was his family in nineteen eighteen. 3 Other leaders were Pope Benedict XV, a Catholic Church leader who helped bring on a Christmas truce in 1914.His other contribution were anther treaty in 1915 Treaty of London Central Powers. Benedict's brought fourth seven-point Peace Note of August 1917. Austria-Hungary took Pope Benedict XV very seriously. The Vatican was not allowed to attend the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, which can be a major loss to peace.4


Woodrow Wilson was a western jugernaught, who endured the First World War, firing to spread democracy. Wilson was frontrunner that tried to prompt what is now the Untied Nations. Wilson fought so hard for the start of the Untied Nations that he nearly had a stroke; he said once” Dare we reject it and break the heart of the world?" Wilson lived until 1924, with the care of his wife Edith Wilson. Wilson guided the United States with the hopes to spread democracy. President Wilson Said "The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make."5 The true leadership is the nation that is govern by people who are elected by the people not their blood lines or one single mans or women’s ability in war to launch a dictatorship.6


Terror groups are not a new invention into new millennium world. Terrorist have been operating under different names and different causes for centuries. The Black Hand was a Secret Serbian Terrorist Society, who sought to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This group was made up by Serbian army officers. The Black Hand members took an oath stating they would take the dealing of the Black Hand to their grave.7


Zimmerman telegram was that telegram that shocked the United States; it stated a wished partnership between Mexico and Germany. Mexico tried to maintain that they were still are allies. The British government entered the information to the United States as fast as possible, this made the United States enter the war very fast.


Women were not in the combat arms, during World War One and still are not in modern wars. Women are thought to distract the infantry man or tank commander in combat. Women’s hygiene requires women needs shower at closer intervals then a man. Women are not as strong as men, but not all men are Herculean in stature either. Should woman take up a rifle and follow an infantry person, this may become needed in the next World War Three, but in World War One women were nurses and other non combat fields in the Great War.


Mademoiselle Miss was an American girl who became an officer serving under the French. She took an oral exam under the integration of nine doctors. She got threw school and carried the rank of lieutenant. She served near the trenches of the Marne. Mademoiselle Miss worked fourteen a day in a French Army Hospital. Her dairy written, that tells her life from September twentieth nineteenth fifteenth to Easter Sunday April nineteenth sixteenth, explain her time near the Marne. The dairy of Mademoiselle Miss is red like day by day desires of a woman on a front. She wanted to heal people. She talks about things like how she kept the hospital clean. What she did for the troops on Christmas day. She also details how many surgery she helps with from day to day. Mademoiselle Miss did not complain about her day to day, but found her days refreshing. Mademoiselle Miss felt like a mother to her patients, she did not feel the horror of war or at least she did not let them get to her.8


Emma Goldman was an atheist who was against World War One, she said of the Woodrow Wilson” Imagine, capitalist America also divides the anarchists into two categories, philosophic and criminal. The first are accepted in highest circles; one of them is even high in the councils of the Wilson Administration. The second category, to which we have the honor of belonging, is persecuted and often imprisoned. Yours also seems to be a distinction without a difference. Don't you think so?” Protesting against the war does not make someone Anti-American. She said “Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open”, she said this when she was sent to prison. Free speech is important basic American right. The threat of protesting is often determined by if Americans are in clear and present danger. Goldman fought over numerous issues such as religion and sexual expression and right to use contraceptives. Goldman was sent back to Russia to only return to the United States in death. The contrast between Mademoiselle Miss and Emma Goldman are very different, but their willingness of duty probably was very similar. These two women set the pace of change only time would truly tell if the change was good or bad.9


The 369th Infantry Regiment was nicknamed the “Harlem Hellfighter” the American all black company attached to the French. The company was from New York. Private Henry Johnson was an original member of the fifteenth New York was an original National Guard unit which became the 369th Infantry Regiment. Johnson is being nominated for a Medal of Honor. The Harlem Hell fighters never allowed a soldier to be captured or lost friendly ground; they never lost any captured territory. The members of the 369th Regiment, Johnson and Roberts were on patrol; their job was to work on a advance listening post. The patrol was attacked by twenty-four Germans; the other members of the five men patrol were sleeping. Johnson and Roberts fought of the attack got hurt; they made it to their own grenades and starting lobbing them toward the enemy. Johnson chopped of the heads of Germans with a bolo type knife with one slash. Roberts was being physically, he broke free Johnson and Roberts had several shrapnel wounds. Johnson and Roberts were awarded the “” Croix de Guerre” with a palm leaf for valor. This is the best French have for awards .The battle of the Meuse-Argonne, was in town of Sechault, which wad invested with Germans. The Germans were entrenched in Sechault; there were tons of machine guns and other occupier stuff. The 369th had to get the Germans out. The 369th regiments fought against artillery to return Sechault to friendly rule, the town was taken back. The whole regiment got the “Croix de Guerra’s very high award. Johnson died at forty, very poor. World War One never ended for him until nineteenth thirty seven, when he died.10


The Lost Battalion was a group of man lost in the field. A carrier pigeon named Cher Ami which means dear friend, delivered a message that saved a lot of people. Cher Ami was a breed of pigeon known as a Black Check Cock carrier pigeon11. The group that was lost was called the Seventy- Seventh Infantry Division, and this delivery allowed one hundred and ninety four lives to walk out of the Argonne Forest. The Major Whittlesey and company were being hit by their own people. Carrier pigeon are generally used to take photos of the enemy and fly with aircraft12. The most important thing that they did was deliver messages that were attached to their legs. Cher Ami lost a leg and was shot in the breast this bird was a war hero and was awarded a French medal called” Croix de Guerre” to include a palm which was given to him for anther mission before called forts of Verdun. Major Whittlesey was given the Medal of Honor13, also two other men were awarded the Medal of Honor, and they were Captain McMurthy and Lieutenant Holderman. During the time in the forest there was an airdrop which was the first one in history, two pilots died they each earned the Medal of Honor in their deaths. Their names were Lieutenants Goettler and Erwin Bleckley. Cher Ami only lived a year after the ordeal in Argonne Forest, the bird died of the results of the bird war wounds.14


GAS, GAS the men in the camp bellow as they struggle to put on their masks. The worn out horn honks and honks, the putting on the mask struggle continues. The wrenches clank together in the mechanic bay attempt to alert the man at his short range outpost to mask, he does.


Germans used Gas for the first time in a battle against the British; it was in Ypres on April 22 1915.In ten minutes 5,000 troops died anthers 5,000 were wounded. Gas helmets were not designed for animals so many dogs, horses and carrier pigeons died in gas attacks. Thirty thousand people were estimated to have died in all during the Great War. Gas was executed by launching cylinder gas filled tubes toward the enemy launched them toward their enemy according to which way the wind blew. The types of Gas are chlorine and phosgene gases which attacked the lungs. Mustard gas attacks the skin, and burns body parts. One and Four artillery shells fired on the western front contained gas. After a gas attack a chemical spray was used to keep the trenches clean enough to continue fighting and defending the companies area.15


Gas Masks were cloth made, but were treated with chemicals that help with decreasing the risk of the bad chemicals. The soldier saw by two windows like holes that were glass. Rubber covered tubing aided in breathing, it prevented in inhaling bad gas. A gas mask was good for five hours; a waterproof bag was exchanged when it went bad. A soldier only had eighteen to twenty seconds to dawn and clear on a mask, many died in trying to put on a mask.16


Soldier alone does not always win war at home and abroad. The war at home, take a different kind of soldier. A Different Kind could not survive this, with out faith. Programs run by lay people and soldiers abroad of all faiths win wars. Reporters in the field affect the moral of all whom hear their reports, it is all this that make up a battlefield. The paper non-combatants, who are willing to die for their country, Salvation Armies works during World War One. Reporters and record wars from all perspectives, it would be interesting to write this paper about that. Who is the Soldier really fighting for, their country or each other?


Tank technology developed slowly to what they are today. The British invented and used the first tank. The name tank was because the boxes were marked “tank” to keep then a secret. The Battle of Somme was the day the tanks put on their first show on September fifteenth nineteen sixteenth. The French started using tanks in nineteenth seventeen. Tanks were used as a fear factor and to brake threw large obstacles. The early tanks had a lot of trouble with vision for the driver and they got bogged down in area of mud and other murkiest area. Most of these problems were resolved in later models. A tanker is one of the combat arms in which modern women could due, because to put four men and gear in a tank makes no since. A Tanker is a culture within the military they usual work with Engineers. Both groups try hard not to hit their infantry support while their all doing their jobs.17


The dogs of war sometimes are real dogs. Dogs were used to carry messages, their ability to be a small target much like a low crawl of a soldier. The dogs made fast deliveries with their messages. Dogs are even faster then humans. Dogs also consoled soldiers on the Western Front. The trenches were very lonely and dogs helped fill some voids. Adolf Hitler was thought to keep a dog in his German trench. In 60 minutes the dog mostly got the messages threw if and when all other way did not work, the dog way worked.18


The Unknown Soldier was a World War One soldier. He was selected by an official ceremony. The Unknown Soldier was selected in nineteen twenty one. The Unknown Soldier was picked from four soldiers who nobody know who they are. The soldier was chosen who the worst looking one was. The Unknown Soldier came from France. The process of limitation was done by a Sergeant Younger. He picked from four, he marked the winner with a circle on the casket, three times. There was a ceremony, era music was played and classical and military traditional was also played in the Unknown Soldier eliminations. The Olympia ship was an American ship, she served in the Spanish-American war, and the ship was fighting in World War One also. The Olympia and the Unknown Soldier journeyed home for the last time; this was on October twenty fifth nineteen twenty one.19


The twentieth century brought the war to the skies and beyond. The kinds of thing that went in the air were hot air balloons and weather balloons, prior to Zeppelins The inventor named Ferdinand Von Zeppelin in vented the Zeppelin a lean mean killing machine. The Zeppelin was able to carry all kinds of weapons of mass destruction of the great wars day. Machines were able to blaze any trail and other weaponry away. The Zeppelin blew away cities like space aliens do in movies. The advancement of the aircraft from tri-plane to bi-plane, then to single winged engines plane changed wars forever and without the plane the atom bombs in World War Two may never be dropped or September eleventh two thousand and one may have never had plane hit the twin towers in New York. Plans deliverer medicine to people and carry great people who do great thing also. The plane defiantly killed the Zeppelin, well technology simple marches on.20


One of German most feared dude’s was Baron Manfred Von Richthofen. He was Germans golden boy. He had eighty kills, and was awarded to “Orden Pour le Merite”, which is also called the Blue Max. The Blue Max is Germans highest award. The Red Baron painted his plane red, and that got his unit the name of “Flying Circus”. The Red Baron died at the young age of twenty five, a memorial that men were really young who died in the Great War.21


Flying aces were seen more like the sword duels of old. When two planes would engage in combat it was more like a ballet, not a war. An air duel is also called a dogfight. Planes were used in many methods such as to take pictures for reconnaissance. The planes were used in large scale strategic bombardment attacks. Planes were also used in tactical attacks which were on a tiny scale. Planes were an advancement which changed war forever, mass destruction took the honor and chivalry out of planes, but it is air superiority that wins war, not good sportsmanship.22


In conclusion war is not meant to be fought at all only under extreme attacks were needed. St Augustine developed just war theory in the book called City Of God. His home of Hippo was under attack by bombardment. Many young lives lost their life in the early part of the twentieth century. In time was the end result worth the loss of so many. War is fought because of philosophy and power and land. War is not fought for hope. Many men who go to war go for the thrill, to simply find out what it must be like to kill a man, with great excitement they dream about this. Many soldier purchases knife just to hope to get their enemy blood on it. The toll of war on man is simply guts; war comes to a man but once in life when he or she is ready it is a stepping stone when the time is right. How many people boiled bleach as a youth just to be stopped and told your making a weapon of mass destruction, a soldier is not a killer.


If some one is a good soldier he or she will walk away if the soldier feels they are not ready. A man is not predestined to simply fight, but to love or heal. The measure of a great human person is the willingness to say no, and simply walk away from war and let someone else fight on, because healer are need in the war at home then on the front lines when there is not lines then its just safer in the rear with the gear for that type of person. World War One is just a simple matter of perspective, that’s all and this just one perspective from a person who is thirty-something.


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