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An Evolution Argument Paper about the Electoral College

by Daniel Vliet on 06/20/13

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said, "I believe strongly that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, that means it's time to do away with the Electoral College."


The Electoral College and how it is viewed throughout the United States democratic system is the subject of this paper. The people of the United States need to feel like the government is run by the people, not the politician running the country. This is why this check and balance systems are is in place. Some would consider the Electoral College one of these. This system is more commonly known has red states and blue states, in modern political terms. The Electoral College system has 538 electors that decide the president and the vice president of the United States of America. Each elector casts two votes to try to elect a 270 majority. The Electoral College political process has not been reevaluated in over thirty years and often times the electoral vote is in large conflict to the popular vote.


The argument against the Electoral College is that it does not include accurately out of country voters, such as soldiers deployed, who can’t vote. The Electoral College inflates small to large states .The Electoral College inaccurately represents places that are not within the 50 states, other places where American voters reside such asPuerto Rico.


Table 1. Electoral Vote Allocation by State, 2004-2008


State Electors


Alabama 9 Kentucky 8 North Dakota 3


Alaska 3 Louisiana 9 Ohio 20


Arizona 10 Maine 4 Oklahoma 7


Arkansas 6 Maryland 10 Oregon 7


California 55 Massachusetts 12 Pennsylvania 21


Colorado 9 Michigan 17 Rhode Island 4


Connecticut 7 Minnesota 10 South Carolina 8


Delaware 3 Mississippi 6 South Dakota 3


District of Columbia 3 Missouri 11 Tennessee 11


Florida 27 Montana 3 Texas 34


Georgia 15 Nebraska 5 Utah 5


Hawaii 4 Nevada 5 Vermont 3


Idaho 4 New Hampshire 4 Virginia 13


Illinois 21 New Jersey 15 Washington 11


Indiana 11 New Mexico 5 West Virginia 5


Iowa 7 New York 31 Wisconsin 10


Kansas 6 North Carolina 15 Wyoming 3( )


The people that are for the Electoral College are those that live in large states with more votes, because the majority is more likely are going to get heard. The Electoral College was written into the United States Constitution; its purpose was to help the government elect a vice president and president. Ron Paul a former participant in the 2008 president race states in a letter using the term “Mob Rule”. Ron Paul says “Sadly, we have forgotten that states created the federal government, not the other way around. The Electoral College system represents an attempt; however effective, to limit federal power and preserve states’ rights. It is an essential part of our federalist balance. It also represents a reminder that pure democracy, mob rule, is incompatible with liberty. The Electoral College system is a simple system in place, because the government has to make hard choices. What is popular does not make it right, hence mob rule and trial by jury. The Electoral College system is in place to represent the majority of the population.


The Electoral College was created by the founding fathers of the United States and perhaps this is a different side of the argument, in that, fifty states were not part of the original thinking of this design. The original design did not include in it the womens’ vote or the black vote. An example of the opposing view is the Electoral College does not represent the people at large, but rather only 538 people points of view. The goal of American political system is to count every vote. Clearly there are more in theUnited States then 538 people.


The Electoral College probably needs to be set up in a way that reflects the popular vote, perhaps by doing away with delegates and just holding an election for the nomination. The Electoral College has been debated and has been in dispute since its inception into politics at the dawn of the U.S. Constitution. The battle will perhaps always rage on in politics.




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0. This paper was useful in finding the current problem with the Electoral College and that is a candidate can when the popular vote but loses to the Electoral College. This paper included the quote used to introduce this paper.


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  1. Thomas H. Neale explains in simply terms the Electoral College. This paper is interesting because it points out; electors are not senators or even politician at all.

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0. This paper is a nice paper perspective on Ron Paul.


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0.This website provides stats and the numbers that go along with the Electoral College.

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