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A Fluffy's Immigration Story(A Dog's Tail)

by Daniel Vliet on 06/19/13

 “We enlisted the help of the Kurdish people with whom we were working. A few days later, the Kurds brought an underweight German shepherd who obviously had been neglected and abused. The dog was very scared and nervous. The dog was previously in the care of the Iraqi. He had been beaten, and we could see the obvious scars over his face and legs,” Joyce wrote. [4]

 Fluffy was reunited with his best friend Sergeant First Class Joyce. They met in northern Iraq. They met because the unit needs some protection at night, and asked the locals about dogs. Later they got Fluffy, a dog that was mistreated and needed to be nursed back to heath by Joyce. When Joyce left Iraq, fluffy could not go because of paperwork problems, Fluffy was not a official War Dog in the Army system on orders. Joyce feared Fluffy would be put to sleep, a great effort was mounted to bring fluffy back to his new home, and this effort was called “Operation Free Fluffy”. Special arrangement was made for lodging threw other Army and Air force unit, until Fluffy could see America. bring this dog home threw the effort of the War Dog Associations, a group of veteran who lost their best friends, their dogs in combat since Word War One . Only a small number of dogs made it home after Vietnam. This group wanted Fluffy home, for their lost heroes that did not make it home. It is estimated that 3,800 died in Vietnam out 4,000, just because of lack of a long term care plan. To allow more dogs made it home in the Vietnam War, out thousands. Fluffy carries scar from living among the people of Iraq he has scar on his head and limb and is missing teeth. Fluffy had to make a war dog to come back to Joyce to spend the rest of his life with him. It important to note the Government was not enforcing its own laws, Congress passed a law on November .6, 2000 that allowed working dogs to be adopted once the government was done using them. In any case Fluffy arrived home in May 2003, Fluffy since home as been to Washington, Dc, New York, City, .Fluffy is currently enjoying retirement in North Carolina.


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