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132ND Engineer Battalion was deactivated

by Daniel Vliet on 06/20/13


The battalion called 132ND Engineer Battalion was deactivated in August 14, 2004.It’s most recent history included being ready to roll for the Northern California floods in 1996 and 1997.They left at moments notice, including New Year’s Eve and Day. This unit has been around since World War one, it was on in six campaigns. The unit crest has tree arrow head in it this symbolizes, it three landing in World War two. The unit was deactivated in 1919.The unit came back in 107th Engineer Regiment, out of the Michigan National Guard. Which got a name, and that was the 132nd Engineer Battalion. Also in World War Two they worked in Hawaii and Guam. In 1946 the unit was taken apart again, but some part of it still fought in Korean Conflict. The colors in the unit crest are white, blue and red and also green, this stood for a Republic of Korea President Unit Citation that was earned during this conflict. Also in their crest are Blue, white and red stood for the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. In 1973 from 1974 the unit came part of 40th Infantry in its new home California. For three decades the unit did a lot of great work for California. The Rodney King incident in 1992 the Battalion worked in Los Angelus. This Operation was called” Operation Garden plot .In 2002 the unit went to Utah to pull security in the Dugway Proving Grounds, this was called “Operation Noble Eagle Two.” The 132nd Engineer Battalion also served in the Ukraine, Japan and also Yama Sakura, this was a Peace Shield. The unit in parts served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The motto when the unit is called to attention while in formation is “Rednecks”. The unit crests in Latin it is written on their crest Aedificamus Ducimus, which means “We Build, We lead”, which is what Engineer will always do.

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